Key dates

20th March 2023 Installation
31st March 2023 Private view
1st April 2023 Exhibition opens
2nd June 2023 Exhibition closes
6th June 2023 Vacate space

About the States of Exchange Project

Exhibition and events, Thursday to Sunday 12.00 to 18.00 from 1st April to 2nd June 2023 at 50 Celebration Avenue, Stratford, London E20 1DB.

The exhibition and creative programme are underpinned by a contemporary critical engagement with the idea of social exchange. We are exploring the interaction between place, memory and time and relations between cooperation, exchange, inequality, power and status. As in quantum theory, properties can be understood as the effects of interactions. Our approach is inspired by physicist Carlo Ravelli’s proposition that a good scientific theory should not be about how things ‘are’, or what they ‘do’, but rather about how they affect one another: ‘we can understand reality better if we think of it in terms of interactions, not individuals’. How do we, as individuals and communities, emerge in time and place through our entanglements, interactions and relationships, and with what effects on the worlds of which we are part?

The main exhibition space will be loosely converted into an apartment, resonating with those in East Village. Time and memory will be evoked through design, for instance by incorporating furniture, lighting, wallpaper, textiles and flooring to create synthesised time in which past, present and future are inter-connected and merged. This will form a series of open plan rooms in which diverse artworks are sympathetically curated, to play off, connect and create conversation with each other. A planted balcony will introduce biophilic aspects and connect with local ecologies. Screening and workshop spaces will be created in adjoining rooms, shared with co-exhibitors Repair Collective.

Over nine weeks we will connect with the local community through resident associations, educational institutions, third sector voluntary and statutory organisations. Visitors are invited to bring in objects, images and sounds that connect them to East Village and the people with whom they interact. We will invite artists and performers living and working around Stratford to respond and add to the exhibition, to create new conversations and interactions, and expand the exhibition over time.

Supported and facilitated by Hypha Studios, working with Get Living.